5 Tips for Selling Your Ladera Ranch Home Quickly

Simple steps to get lots of buyer attention

5/5 Posted on November 30, 2010 by Pete Thistle.

5 Tips for Selling Your Ladera Ranch Home Quickly Need to relocate, want to trade up, or just want to sell your Ladera Ranch home or Ladera Ranch condo?  These five simple tips will help to get your home sold and ensure it does not become stale on the market.

Get a home inspection.  Paying a couple hundred dollars up front to get your home inspected and cure any defects could save a deal in escrow from falling apart and show to prospective buyers that your home is in good condition.  Leave out copies of the inspection report for potential buyers to take and review with their agent.

Stage your home.  Cleaning up clutter, making spaces more appealing to buyers to envision their lifestyle in your home, and making your home appear as close to a model is key.  Buyers get distracted by extra clutter left out and it immediately takes away from the appeal of your home versus other competing properties.  There are simple do it yourself tasks that can be done both inside and outside of the home to increase its appeal and there are also professional staging services that we advise on, which often times more than pays for itself. 

Build in price reductions.  If buyer traffic slows and no offers have come to the table, you may be overpriced in the market and only new buyers coming into the market will view your home.  The longer your home sits on the market, the more the buyer questions their realtor, "what is wrong with this property?" Price reductions not only bring in new buyers to the market, but also previous buyers still in the market whose original upper price range was below your previous list price and now in their range.   

Be Flexible.  Make the home readily available for showings, allow multiple open houses, and be ready to give concessions to the buyer.  The buyer may want the window coverings, washer and dryer or stainless steel fridge in the kitchen, especially if they are first-time homebuyers who may need to scrap up extra cash for these necessities.  Giving in on such simple concessions can go a long way in getting your property sold and new appliances or window coverings can be awaiting you in your next home.

Make sure there is hyper local marketing of your property.  While we push your property for all internet media channels in addition to our top ranking websites with thousands of buyers visiting per month, very localized marketing to homeowners in your community, in local publications, and to our local buyer inventory and past clients, helps get the word out to neighbors, friends, and family who may know someone who is looking for a home such as yours.

For more information on selling your property, you may request our seller service and listing marketing brochure by contacting us or feel free to call us at 949-545-8486 for a free consultation.

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