Condos Sold in Downtown San Diego’s Cortez Hill

January to September 2015

5/5 Posted on December 10, 2015 by Pete Thistle.

Condos Sold in Downtown San Diego’s Cortez Hill

Downtown San Diego’s Cortez Hill neighborhood sold 100 properties during January to September 2015. The graph above shows number of condos sold all condo communities in the neighborhood during this time frame.

1st Place – Aloft
It was too a surprise that the Aloft community took a strong lead after having 11 sales in the month of July. Taking 1st place with 22 condos sold.

2nd Place – Discovery
Discovery had more sales from July to September compared to the other earlier months. Ending up with a 2nd place with 17 homes sold.

3rd Place – Split between Aria and The Mills
With 14 sold condos Aria and The Mills split a third place. Both complexes had most of the sales from January to June.

4th Place – Symphony Terrace
Seven sales went to the Symphony Terrace complex. Most of the sales went down from January to June as July and September only had one sale each. No sales in August!

5th Place – Split between El Cortez and Park @ 10th
Fifth place with most condos sold went to El Cortez and Park @ 10th. El Cortez had most sales from January to June and Park @ 10h had most sales evenly throughout the year.

6th Place – Cortez Blue
The Cortez Blue complex is currently in litigation but still managed to sell five condos.

7th Place – Split between Beech Tower and Solara Lofts
A split 7th place went to Beech Tower and Solara Lofts. These two complexes shared a 6th place from January to June.

8th Place – Park View
Two homes that closed escrow went to the Park View community.

9th Place – Citymark @ Cortez Hill
Last, with one condos sale went to Citymark @ Cortez Hill.

July was the best month for the Cortez Hill neighborhood. 21 condos closed escrow. June took 2nd place with 18 condos sold. March had 12 closed transactions. April and May shared 4th place with 11 homes sold each. August and September sold nine condos each. January had six sales and February had three. 

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