Condos sold in Downtown San Diego’s Marina District

January to September 2015

5/5 Posted on December 02, 2015 by Pete Thistle.

Condos sold in Downtown San Diego’s Marina District

Downtown San Diego’s Marina District sold 171 Condos during January to September 2015. The graph above indicates the number of sold homes for each condo community in the neighborhood.

1st Place –  Park Place
The luxury Park Place community is leading the race with 18 condos sold.

2nd Place – Horizons 
Not too far behind, Horizons had 17 closed transactions.

3rd Place – Split between Marina Park, Meridian and Cityfront Terrace
Marina Park, Meridian and Cityfront Terrace shared a 3rd place with 16 closed escrow transactions each. 

4th Place –  Renaissance
The two towers of the Renaissance community had 14 sales.

5th Place – Atria and Columbia Place
Ten sales each went to Atria and Columbia Place. 

6th Place - Split between Harbor Club, Park Row and Pinnacle
The two towers of the Harbor Club community sold nine condos along with Park Row and Pinnace. 

7th Place – Citywalk
Citywalk had eight condo sales.

8th Place – Split between 235 on Market and Watermark 
Six condos sold in each condo community.

9th Place – Pacific Terrace
Six sales went to Pacific Terrace. 

10th Place – Watermark
Watermark had five sales.

11th Place – Pacific Terrace
Four sales went to the Pacific Terrace community that lies on the border to the Gaslamp Quarter.

12th Place – Island Lofts
Island Lofts had two sales during this nine months’ time frame.

Best Month of Sold Condos in the Marina

1st Place - June had 31 sold condos. 
2nd Place - March and April shared a 2nd place with 23 closed escrow transactions. 
3rd Place - July had 21 sales. 
4th place - September had 19 sales. 
5th place - August had 17 closed transactions.
6th Place - January had 14 sales. 
7th Place - February sold 12 homes.  
8th Place - May had 11 sales. 

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