Downtown San Diego Condos Sold January to March 2015

193 Homes Closed Escrow

5/5 Posted on May 02, 2015 by Pete Thistle.

Downtown San Diego Condos Sold January to March 2015

A total of 193 Downtown San Diego Condos closed escrow from January to March 2015. January had a total of 49 sales, February had 58 and March had 86 homes sold. 

It is to no surprise that the East Village took 1st place as this popular neighborhood has been leading the way for quite some time now. 53 closed transactions closed escrow during these three months. 

It seems like the Marina District might be catching up to the East Village in the number of sales. The Marina District took 2nd place with a total of 49 condos sold. It is quite interesting that the Marina District had most homes sold during March and a split second place with the East Village in January. It is not often we see the East Village on a 2nd or a split place. 

The Columbia District sold 32 homes leaving it to be in a 3rd place. Little Italy had 30 sold condos and is given a 4th place. With 21 condos sold, Cortez Hill took a 5th place. Last, the Gaslamp District took 6th place with 8 homes sold.

The Gaslamp District is the smallest neighborhood in Downtown San Diego. It is common to see this area in a last place in pretty much all our blogs about analytics of real estate in Downtown San Diego. There are only four condo communities in this vibrant area of town and they are:  Gaslamp City Square, Trellis, Crown Bay and the Hard Rock Hotel. It is hard for the Gaslamp to compete with the other neighborhoods!

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