Tips for Ladera Ranch Homeowner Insurance

What to know when you are shopping for a policy

5/5 Posted on December 01, 2010 by Pete Thistle.

Tips for Ladera Ranch Homeowner Insurance Choosing a homeowner insurance policy after you close escrow on your home can be a overwhelming task, so to assist as you move into your new Ladera Ranch home or Ladera Ranch condo, we have outlined five tips to help make the process easier.

Understand the condition of your property.  Based on the home inspection you got for your property, you know key risks or issues that you know you will want to insure against.  Make sure that the homeowners insurance policy you target for your Ladera property covers the highest risk items, otherwise it could cost you a lot of money if something goes wrong.

Get to know the claims process.  Filing a few small claims could increase your premium drastically, so understand what causes rate increases and where it might be appropriate to make the repair yourself.

Get past the advertising
.  Once you move into a home, you will get tons of ads for insurance, but get past the ones who spend the most and really understand all of your insurance options, including those who don't even advertise to you.  You may be able to get a discount as well by adding homeowners insurance to your current policy for cars, life, and anything else.

Make sure the coverage is right for you.  Just because a company seems legitimate and they may be, does not mean they are the right fit.  Make sure the insurance company covers the key risks associated with your home, whether it be termites, earthquake, flooding, etc.

Check out the state resources. States often times keep complaints against insurance companies on record, what companies ought to cover in your area, etc.  Make sure the company you choose does not have a bad rap.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions regarding your Ladera Ranch real estate needs.

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