Venissimo Cheese in Downtown San Diego’s East Village

Over 2,000 Cheeses From Around the World

5/5 Posted on October 30, 2013 by Pete Thistle.

Venissimo Cheese in Downtown San Diego’s East Village I say cheese and you say grapes…well this is one combination that goes well together and something that many choose to put on their cheese platters for an evening with friends and family. Venissimo Cheese has it all…over 2,000 cheeses from around the world, salami, crackers, olives, almonds, jams, pates and spreads…well the list is long. 

They help customers with creations of perfect platters, breakfast, lunch and dinner sandwiches, gift baskets and trays, many and exciting sides, endless supplies and they have a Cheese lovers club anyone can join. 

When I first visited Venissimo Cheese I was gladly impressed by the friendly and helpful staff that offered samples and it was just a very pleasant and nice little break from my daily routines to come here and experience a world so different from mine. I had the chance to try some of the most exquisite cheeses. I choose a “Veninis” sandwich which is a pressed Panini. Melted cheese of your preference and your choice of fruit on the side was a perfect lunch break and so delicious.

Gina and Roger Freize have a passion for cheese and it was their passions that lead them to open their first shop in Mission Hills on January 17th, 2004. Today, successful stores in Del Mar, Downtown San Diego, Mission Hills and Long Beach are run and operated by The Freize’s. 

If I have to choose one word to describe Venissimo Cheese that is located in Downtown San Diego’s East Village on G Street right between 8th and 9th Avenues it will have to be “Fantastic”. I choose this word because it is this style of boutique that I know many Downtown San Diego Condo homeowners along with visitors and business owners wish we would have more of here in this fine city in Southern California.

Visit Venissimo Cheese when you have a chance, it is a terrific contribution to the East Village neighborhood.

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